Friday, 8 June 2012

Home made yogurt

My first (successful attempt - my second attempt in total) home made yogurt! :) and it's yum, mashaa Allah!

The pictures show the preparation work (warming the milk, cooling and mixing in the yogurt) and the end result.

I tried to keep the temperature (should be constantly kept at 37°C or lukewarm for seven hours or more) with the oven method first, figuring S on a gas oven would be cool enough, what a mistake! It got too hot and was really difficult to keep at a constant temperature when I turned it off.

This time I kept it in a warm bath in a big pot. When cooking it was easy to keep the temperature right, leaving the pot next to the cooking food. After that I had to add some boiling water now and then from the kettle to the water in the pot, and it worked really well, mashaa Allah.


Oum Anas said...

1 bucket of Lancashire Farm's Probiotic Yogurt costs £1

1 bucket (same bucket) of homemade yogurt needs about 2 pints of milk (slightly more than a litre) and 2 tablespoons of yogurt. 8 pints of milk costs £2 in Asda. Result: £0.50 for a bucket!

Mashaa Allah, half the price of Asda's cheapest yogurt (saving you money every day?!)

Oum Anas said...

I make it in my Morphy Richards 6.5L slow cooker now (check this link for instructions:

The cost of energy used is approximately 14p with my previous supplier (and before price hikes), so still cheaper than store bought (especially the fancier - tastier - brands). I'm trying to figure out how to cut it further by warming the milk on the gas stove first and then keep in the slow cooker, but I guess I'd have to warm up the slow cooker a bit as well.