Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Super easy soft cheese (Farmer's cheese)

Super easy soft cheese. Lovely with a little salt on bread. Yum!

Faye and Paulo's Fresh Cheese

I made it with one litre of milk, brought it to a simmer (not a rolling boil as in the recipe) and my tiny lemons were not enough to separate the curds and whey, so had to take one and a half (the first one was 2.5 tbs, so say maybe 3.5 tbs lemon juice for a litre of milk).


Oum Anas said...

I used a 300g pack for the cheese, and it filled it almost to the top. My guess is it's around 200g.

One litre of milk = 44.9p (8 pints / 4.454 litres for £2 in Asda)
1.5 lemon = 18.6p (Asda Smart Price bag of five £0.62)
= 63.5p for 200g

Asda Smart Price soft cheese is 62p, and it's not even pure cheese (added ingredients: wheat fibres, citrus fibres, xanthan gum and tara gum - my cheese would mention citrus fibres and salt as added ingredients, I suppose, but wheat fibres!? Why?)

So the price is about the same, but I'm not sure if the products are comparable.

Next soft cheese in price range costs 80p for 200g (and made in Denmark - dh is boycotting them, so my cheese wins doubly here).

Smart price cottage cheese is cheaper, 59p per 300g, I've never tried it though.

Other cheeses are more expensive and not quite comparable with this cheese. But I'll hopefully try cream cheese next and compare with the store-bought, in shaa Allah.

Oum Anas said...

Can also be done with vinegar, instead of lemon juice. Distilled malt vinegar is 48p for 568ml and you only need maybe 30ml vinegar to one litre of milk.

Approximately 44.9+2.5=47.4p for 200g cheese

Now, that was better :)